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Alternative Site Recovery Test - Saturday 3 February 2024

Important Updates


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All customers must sign off the results of their testing by contacting the Technical Account Management Team (londontam@lseg.com).

Schedule Task Status Start End Note
Connectivity to all Millennium Exchange gateways at the Primary Data Centre (PDC) Closed 07:00 am LSE, Turquoise, TRADEcho and GTP Market Data gateway connectivity.

TRADEcho trade reporting available at PDC.

Pre-Trading Closed 07:00 am 07:50 am
Open Auction Call Closed 07:50 am 08:00 am Only Applies to LSE Market
Regular Trading Closed 08:00 am 08:30 am LSE, Turquoise and Market Data.
Simulated Failure at PDC Completed 08:30 am LSE, Turquoise, TRADEcho and GTP simulated failover
TRADEcho - Connectivity and Trade Reporting available in SDC Closed 10:20 am 01:30 pm TRADEcho Only
LSE & Turquoise - Client connectivity re-established at SDC (clients start receiving multicast and requesting own order/own trades book download) Closed 10:20 am LSE, Turquoise and Market Data.

Market Restart Completed 10:25 am 10:45 am
Re-commence Regular Trading and intraday reference data action performed by London Stock Exchange Closed 11:10 am 02:00 pm LSE, Turquoise and GTP
Market close Completed 02:00 pm LSE, Turquoise, TRADEcho and GTP
Roll back to PDC – TCP Responder and Heartbeat generator will be enabled for clients to test connectivity back to PDC Completed 04:30 pm All customers must ensure they are ready for Monday trading by rolling back all systems to the current production environment and test connectivity using the TCP Responders and Heartbeat Generators at the current production environment for LSE, Turquoise, TRADEcho and GTP.