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London Stock Exchange & Turquoise - Next Functional Release 1.23.3 - Production Go-Live Weekend

Schedule Task Status Start End Note
London Stock Exchange & Turquoise: Availability of Production Reference Data File for Monday 29 April 2024 Completed 11:00 pm 11:00 pm
London Stock Exchange & Turquoise: Customer Connectivity Window Completed 12:40 pm 05:00 pm Update:

London Stock Exchange: The trading system and GTP market data system is currently available for customer testing.

Turquoise Trading and GTP Market Data Systems: Customer Test Window - Start Time - 14:30.

• Login to all the production GTP replay and recovery services, including the new market data groups H and J.
• Confirm receipt of GTP multicast messages or heartbeats on all permissioned Production multicast channels, including the new market data groups H and J.
• Order entry will not be permitted.
Go/No-Go Decision Completed 10:15 pm 10:15 pm The London Stock Exchange and Turquoise is happy to announce that a go-decision has been made and the Next Funntional Release 1.23.3 will be live in production on Monday 29th April 2024.